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Company Management

Jim Wolff is a leading Florida Licensed Roofing Contractor and Certified Energy Auditor with years of experience in roof restoration and refurbishing.

Jim Wolff
Commercial Energy Systems, LLC

Jim is a Florida licensed roofing contractor (CCC1329933).

With over 30 years of experience in commercial construction in Florida, Jim provides expert and professional roofing guidance to large developments and industrial clients.

Jim is one of the leading sales pioneers in the industry in high-solid silicone elastomeric throughout Florida. He is recognized as an industry leader in roof restoration by both manufacturers and builders. As a guest speaker for large general contractors, engineers, condominium associations, and manufacturers, he has shared his knowledge and expertise on the use and application of both spray polyurethane foam and high-solid silicone elastomeric coatings.

Bob Qualey brings to Commercial Energy Systems, LLC decades of experience in the roofing, manufacturing, and distribution industries.

Bob Qualey
Project Manager
Commercial Energy Systems, LLC

Bob is an experienced entrepreneur and business executive in the commercial roofing, manufacturing, and distribution industries.

With over 28 years of project management, business consulting, and business management experience, Bob understands what drives value for his clients.

Bob has a long history of building business cultures, processes, and systems that lead to successful client outcomes. His focus on quality, customer service, and accountability ensures that clients receive best-in-class service from every member of the organization, both during project implementatin and throughout the warranty period.

Leader in the Industry

Flat roof systems that are aging and failing are candidates for complete replacement, but they can often be repaired, refurbished, and restored. Commercial Energy Systems, LLC recommends and installs solutions that provide energy savings and add longevity to the roof systems while avoiding the cost of complete replacement.

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC holds Certified Applicator Certifications for manufacturers of roofing products, including Aldo Products, Carlisle RFC / Accella Roofing Solutions, Tropical Roofing Product, Henry Roof Restoration Systems, and Sherwin Williams. The company is recognized as a leader in the application of spray polyurethane foam and elastomeric coatings for large commercial and industrial roofing restoration.

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC provides roofing services throughout central and south Florida, from Miami to Jacksonville, Tampa to West Palm Beach, Orlando to Sarasota to Fort Myers, including the counties of Hillsborough, Orange, Pasco, Polk, Sarasota, Collier, Lee, Palm Beach, Pinellas, Manatee, Charlotte, Hardee, Lake, and others.

Federal and State Certifications and Licenses
Florida Roofing Contractor CCC1329933
OSHA Certification 36-601284227

Manufacturer Certified Applicator Credentials
Aldo Products
Carlisle RFC / Accella Roofing Solutions
Tropical Roofing Products
Henry Roof Restoration Systems
Sherwin Williams

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