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Commercial Energy Systems, LLC and its staff have written and/or been featured in several articles that help commercial and industrial businesses save money, realize energy savings, avoid fraud, and hire with confidence. A few of these articles are listed below.

Commercial Energy Systems LLC Donation to the LSW Baseball Team

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC recently donated $1000 to the Lee's Summit West High School's baseball team in support of the school's spring baseball program. Commercial Energy Systems, LLC donates to a variety of organizations and programs, especially to those involved in helping young athletes.
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Commercial Energy Systems, LLC Donates to Maccabi USA

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC donated $250 to support the expenses of athletes participating in the 14th Pan American Maccabi Games in Mexico City and the 15th European Maccabi Games in Budapest, Hungary during the summer of 2019. Maccabi USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to enrich the lives of Jewish youth in the United States, Israel and the Diaspora through athletic, cultural, and educational programs.
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Roof Restoration Process Video

While completing a recent roof restoration for a business park in Largo, Florida, Commercial Energy Systems, LLC produced a 2 minute video documenting the process. The resulting roof restoration waterproofs and protects against leaks, reduces energy costs up to 15%, lowers insurance premiums, provides tax benefits up to $1 million, and increases the lifespan of your roof.Contact us today for a free roof evaluation to learn whether your roof would benefit from our service.
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IB Roof Systems

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC is now an Authorized Installer for IB Roof. When a liquid applied roofing solution does not make sense, we propose a manufactured roofing systems from IB Roof as an alternate solution. IB Roof Systems offer high performance standards, superior waterproofing benefits, energy efficiency and energy savings, "green" building products, minimal maintenace, superior warranty, customer service, and cost effectiveness.
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Commercial Energy Systems, LLC Named Finalist by GrowFL

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC was among the first round of 2018 Florida Companies to Watch finalists recently announced by GrowFL. The awards event - now in its eighth year - honors 50 select second-stage companies from throughout the state for developing valuable products and services, creating quality jobs, enriching communities, and broadening new industries throughout Florida. Chosen from a candidate pool of 134 growing second-stage businesses, the finalists collectively represented $518 million in annual revenue and employed 2,743 full-time equivalent employees in 2017.

Commercial Energy Systems LLC Donation to the LSW Swim Team

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC recently donated $250 to the WeFund4You campaign in support of the Lee's Summit West Swim & Dive Team. The funds will be used for uniforms, travel costs, entry fees, and equipment, and will help defray the growing costs to families who would not otherwise have the means to participate. Commercial Energy Systems, LLC feels strongly about providing needed support to worthy organizations, especially those involved in helping young athletes.
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Commercial Energy Systems LLC Donation to GAIN Sports
Acknowledgement Letter, May 2018 from Josh Clark, Owner, GAIN Sports

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC recently donated $1,000 to GAIN Sports. The contribution will help provide promising student athletes from low-income households with travel and lodging expenses when completing in the 7v7 national championship event in Round Rock, Texas in July. As a responsible member of the local business community, Commercial Energy Systems, LLC supports worthy local organizations, especially those involved in helping young people have opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.
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Manasota SCORE Presents Company of the Year Award to Commercial Energy Systems, LLC

The local SCORE chapter has honored Jim Wolff. manager of Commercial Energy Systems, LLC, with their coveted Company of the Year Award. This distinction is given each year to a SCORE client who has experienced exceptional success and growth as a result of SCORE mentoring. Jim's SCORE mentor Pat Loftus provided guidance and support throughout 2017.
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Commercial Energy Systems LLC Contract with Murdock Plaza

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC recently completed a contract to repair, seal, and waterproof a 100,000 sq. ft. roof system for Murdock Plaza, a shopping destination in Port Charlotte. The project was completed in 5 weeks with minimal disruption to tenants and shoppers, and the new system carries a 15 year warranty.
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Commercial Energy Systems LLC Nominated for 2018 American Small Business Championship

The Manasota Chapter of SCORE has nominated Commercial Energy Systems, LLC for the 2018 American Small Business Championship Award. The company specializes in commercial flat roof restoration in Florida and, as a state licensed roofing contractor (CCC1329933), is expert in the liquid applied coating field of SPF and silicone elastomeric. SCORE mentors worked with Commercial Energy Systems, LLC to increase growth in 2017.
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Commercial Energy Systems LLC Donation to the EBC Foundation
Acknowledgement Letter, February 14, 2018 from Stacey D. Mullins, The EBC Foundation, Inc.

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC recently donated $1,000 to The EBC Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization formed to increase awareness through education and research for the prevention and cure of breast cancer. As a responsible member of the local business community, Commercial Energy Systems, LLC continues to support worthy local organizations.
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A New Roof System for an Apartment Complex in Tampa

The Montierra Apartments in Tampa consist of 7 residential apartment buildings that are fully occupied. This winter Commercial Energy Systems, LLC removed the existing leaking roofing system, and replaced it with a monolithic, seamless roofing system using spray polyurethane foam and a high-solid elastomeric coating.
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Commercial Energy Systems LLC Supports Lemon Bay High School Football Team
Acknowledgement Letter, September 1, 2017 from Don Southwell, Lemon Bay High School Football Coach

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC recently donated $3,500 to the Lemon Bay High School Football Team in support of the school's athletics program. Members of the varsity team, the Manta Rays, were grateful for the new equipment made possible by this grant. Not only do we provide quality professional roofing services, we also take seriously our commitment to our local community youth and educational institutions.
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In Danger of Losing Roof Insurance? Here's What One Tampa Property Did ...

When Rudy Nassari, President of TLR Property Management, first contacted Commercial Energy Systems LLC, his insurance company was refusing to insure the 20-year old roof of his 62,000 sq. ft. apartment complex in Tampa, Florida. He asked Jim Wolff, Manager of Commercial Energy Systems LLC, for recommendations. After completion of the project, the roof met 2015 code, its longevity was extended, A/C costs were reduced, and the roof was insurable.
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SCORE Success Story

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC was honored in November 2017 with a SCORE Success Story. SCORE, the all-volunteer arm of the Small Business Administration (SBA), provides free business mentoring. Business experts from the Manasota SCORE chapter helped owner Jim Wolff identify and overcome obstacles to his business growth and strategize for the future.
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Understanding Your Roofing Warranty

Many building owners and facility managers tend to focus on the length of the warranty and never fully understand the specifics of what is, and what is not, covered by the roofing warranty. This can lead to very unpleasant surprises later on. Fully understanding a typical warranty can help you select the option that best meets your needs.
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Storm Preparedness and Protection

Commercial Energy Systems, LLC provides emergency dry-in service for commercial, industrial and condominium/residential high-rise roofing systems. Once a damaging storm is forecast, do not delay!
Call us to waterproof your roof system. It is your responsibility to prevent additional water intrusion through your roof after the storm passes. We also provide professional emergency dry-in services.
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Need an Expert in Flat and "Low Sloped" Roofing?

Flat roof systems in Florida fail for a variety of reasons: harsh weather, expansion and contraction, ponding and standing water, wind damage, third-party damage, and age. Commercial Energy Systems, LLC, a leader in the flat and "low sloped"1 roofing industry, specializes in liquid applied roofing, particularly closed-cell polyurethane roofing foam and high-solid silicone elastomeric coating that address a wide range of roofing system failures.
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Replace or Refurbish? That is the Question.

You know your roof is old and you'd like to have it checked out and take action before it leaks and does damage to the building structure. The problem is roofing contractors can be biased toward roof replacement, because they make more money replacing than restoring your roof. The fact is that some older roofs can have their useful life extended through restoration, provided that the underlying roof system is in good shape and only needs improved waterproofing ...
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4 Things to Know Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Hiring a competent, ethical, and experienced roofing contractor is critical to experiencing a successful outcome for your project. Here are 4 things you should know about your contractor before you hire him.
1. Make sure the contractor you are thinking of hiring is licensed.
Hiring a licensed professional roofing contractor is important to ensure the project is performed correctly and to protect your legal rights ...
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Commercial Energy Systems LLC Sponsors United Community Centers
Acknowledgement Letter, Thursday, December 1, 2016
from Patrick Carnegie, President/CEO

As a responsible community organization, Commercial Energy Systems, LLC was able to donate $10,000 to United Community Centers in Bradenton, Florida in support of their fund-raising efforts. Not only do we provide quality professional roofing services, we also take seriously our commitment to local community, and specifically to youth at risk.
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Energy Audit Pays Dividends
Englewood Sun, Saturday, October 29, 2016
article by Steve Reilly

The article describes the cost savings resulting from an energy audit Jim Wolff and his staff performed on their own Commercial Energy Systems, LLC building.
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Harbor Style, 2015
article by Nancy J. Semon

This story describes the process by which Commercial Energy Systems, LLC works with owners of older commercial buildings to achieve significant energy savings.
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